Hello world!

I blog because I want people of our generation to know that behind every face there might be a foe and everything that glitters is not gold, there are no shortcuts to anything and allthough we trust people, sometimes with new friends it may be good to evaluate their offerings and face them a bit critically , rather than jumping the gun and regretting later on..

People like me are few but when we do meet a fellowmate who recognises the diamond in a mine, it sparkles and brings out the best, to the rest we may look like charcoal…

Honesty is a disappearing phenomenon and rapidly vanishing, people take the shortcut and get instant coffees, but to relationships that are worth it there’s no shortcut, it needs time, trust and cultivation..I value people I love and respect and would go to the end of the earth for them but to the rest I hardly exist…

I just hate :

  1. Hypocrites
  2. Intellectual snobs
  3. Social butterflies
  4. Fake people
  5. Shallow slobs
  6. Liars and thieves
  7. Cunning shrews
  8. Most IMPORTANTLY- ” wannabees”- who will never be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love :

  1. Icecreams/ Chocolate-  my comfort food to soothe my blues
  2. Food- eating or cooking
  3. Movies,Music -listening/watching
  4. Sports-watching
  5. Painting,reading,writing,singing,dancing- my creative outlets
  6. Laughter- my medicine
  7. Mom & Dad- my angels and the blog is not enough to describe their meaning and our relationship
  8. Grandparents- the ones in heaven and the few special ones on earth
  9. Teachers- who have helped me be all I am
  10. Friends- who have heard me,cried,laughed,eaten,held my hand and walked with me for 24 years
  11. Shopping- which I indulge in whenever  I get the tiniest chance

Rest let me write and you will hopefully get a clearer picture


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