Some management facts that someone close learnt at b-school

Hey for all those of you who do not know much about me, it’s difficult to dive into detail,let’s start blogging and maybe you’l get an insight into who I am!!!

This is not a platform for me to brag about me or my achievements, it’s more a portal to share my everyday frustation,pain,irritation,anger, challenges and problems I face in my ordinary day to day life and specially in a so-called good b-school and use my creative energy honestly and not drive me up the wall…

Wow…..now that’s done… let me think about what to say for starters:

Let me introduce the characters:-Girl-innocent and sweet called Miss TT– Too trusting, Boy/man who is named Mr C– short for cheat and the villain of my story, Ms BG- short for bad girl, Ms BG2– because there’s another of the same, good exists alone, bad in pairs,rest is for you to judge and discover..

It all began when the 3 girls planned a trip to the capital of the country and decided to make a itinery, it was the toughest season to get tickets and when everything seemed amiss, it seemed all right to plan and plot something in advance to ensure one got a decent seat and comfort during a hectic journey…

Cause of the trip was to present research papers at a conference so there was a lot of tension mainly because the papers were not on track and needed a lot of dedication, the trip was planned in haste two months prior to travel, but because it was the wonderful festival of the bengalis, trains were booked and flights were out of question for a student sponsored trip to win accolades for their wonderful institution..

All seemed hopeless and sad untill bang, thud,boom in walked  “Superboy/Mr C” who promised to solve all ticketing problems and do the needful and offer to help the 3 damsels in distress..how exciting and what fun..a knight in shining armour and a honourable man like Brutus to save Caesar from getting stabbed…how comically ironical and funny on hindsight…

Just like Shakespeare’s Caesar who got warnings and yet ignored them and blindly trusted his friends, the poor girl Miss TT went ahead and put all her hopes, faith and trust in Mr C untill….like the big bad wolf in red riding hood he gave false promises,spoke lies and then all of a sudden let her down and led her almost done a deep ravine, but she had her guardian angel to save her from doom,gloom and salvage her hopes…

He never gave her any ticket copies selling her on false promises and hopes that he would do that and also took thousand six hundred and fifty bucks in advance…Little did she know that she was saying goodbye to her money and her friends- the pretty,sassy young girls were all accomplices to MR C’S CRIME…..tragedy struck her…

She spoke to all her class mates but no-one had the fricken guts to say anything to the scoundrel behind the act, she faced him alone like a tigress and the Royal Bengal One mind u, spoke to him, lashed out, insulted,shouted…all in vain..only to be made a royal fool of, cheated and left to tend to her own wounds…baby the best part of the story is yet to come..all of you know that once the tigress tends her wounds and recovers she becomes a “MAN-EATER”/”HUNTER” and destroys everything in her path…It’s not me that ‘s telling you this, it’s written in every Jim Corbett booklol….lol…lol….

And the 2 girls,may the heavens have pity on them because when she strikes they might have no where to hide….cause only the smartest of the breed become hunters , rest remain victims and keep counting their scars…

I feel so whole and full of life after sharing this with all of you, moral of the story- you may get backstabbed by anyone,  but do not give up,face them and remember barking dogs seldom bite, the ones who strike seldom bark….and do not forget keep smiling cause humour is the essence that keeps one ticking and living life through the gray days”..


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