Rush hour

When everything seems to be a blur,

Cars stream past you in a flur,

Leaving you wondering what is causing the stir?


People pushing you,

Some brushing past, all disappearing into an endless whirl,

You do not have the time till all your thoughts twirl,

It is that moment you dread..

Wondering what is ahead,

Suddenly you see a blood covered head,

Without any bed,

You do not even stop to care,

While pain in your face seems to stare…


The horns never stop the honking,

Angry harassed drivers all try to avoid those crossings..


City side walks seem overwhelming,

And pedestrian crossings seem to be disappearing,

No one seems to stop and care,

It is beyond your utmost despair…


Leaving you to figure out,

What the craze is all about,

You may sit in your fancy car and pout,

My dear friend I know your not the common man whose trapped in rush hour without a doubt…………..??………



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