Relationships in bits and pieces

This is so sad but indeed what we see in everyday life.Relationships are domains for misuse,abuse and total slaughter..and you keep on wondering why the world is going the way it is and people are treating each other worse than animals..

Some relationships seem strange and a few stories will help you understand the way I feel and what I am trying to express:

Relationship A: Girl in college has a relationship with X , seems so much in love and happy till bang thud boom, the relationship goes for a toss..enter hero Y whose rich and has all the money in the world, without a second thought dates,numbers,drinks,trips,holidays all seem to be on the wardrobes and gadgets get sponsored and the girl is in seventh heaven with her perfect boyfriend who seems more like  a complete DMW- daddy’s money waster!!

Leaves one wondering what is the definition AND difference between someone who sells sex for money and someone who indulges in it for material comforts??

Relationship B: This girl is smart,well atleast she thinks so and is all new and naive to postgraduate college, sees the world around and decides she needs to get a boyfriend to drive away her insecurity and also act like a new toy which she can flaunt…Anyway how heroic and nice..all seems well, they share slides,notes and exchange anecdotes in between exams, seems so rosy huh….wait till you discover thats it all a past-time, Ms Smartie pants has a ” matrimonial profile” on a really popular website and is wearing the right jewellery and striking the right pose….

Are relationships this empty and shallow that you treat them like new toys and discard them when they are of no use to you??

Relationship C: Smart rich girl, handsome rich boy and all is well, untill drunken driver who happens to be the boy crashes and ruins the girl’s life forever and throws it into jeopardy,girl’s parents react in shock, relationship breaks and the girl is mentally disturbed and hurt …boy gets happily married to someone else after 5 years and so does girl…

Does all that seem well end well???

Relationship D: Girl and guy are friends who are super close and all seems well till the girl develops feelings for the guy and so does he, friendship turns into love and the boy asks the girl to marry him indirectly,girl decides not to reply and things go on..till one day the boy gets engaged to someone else and the girl remains wondering..

Sometimes true love finds you, when it does you should take a chance or else you’l keep wondering what if???

Relationship E: Boy was rich and so was girl, both seemed happy to the world untill the girl discovered that the boy was abusive and violent and ran for her life like hell post an accident after a long drive..

All that glitters may not be gold!!


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