Kinder-garderners in MBA

Maturity levels need to be tested frequently and I am sure most people would test negative meaning that they have not grown up mentally,physically they might be endowed with attributes I would not like to discuss on a public forum because it would divert the attention from the actual cause.

People are so immature,childish and yet pretend to know it all, there exist a couple of these samples who you might meet while travelling in the bus or metro, people who create a scene without any logical cause to get attention..These you can maybe forgive cause you can blame Monday morning blues or whatever..but the rest especially the ones you get to interact with b-school,they belong to another genre all-together and trust me they always do not look pretty while sulking or pouting!!!!

These people obviously either get molly-cuddled at home or over-pampered which is all right as long as it stays back there..bringing it to the university seems ridiculous and yet such a hilarious sight for sore eyes..They want all the attention and whenever they face a problem which they cannot handle cause they are adults chronologically but not mentally they go running and crying to their supervisor who seems to be otherwise busy , but have all the time to listen to their whinings and alter policies, change plans and turn tables for them in order to ensure that they are kept away from unprofessional and immature it seems I cant describe,just hope you do not land up meeting these nincompoops anywhere…


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