I have titled this post cause I really could not think of options..Its basically to describe a classic few people you meet and want to delete from your memory but share because it makes interesting reading material..ok lets get to the point..

Here I often might or will use the word – bong-abbreviation for bengali when I am referring to them, do not worry I am one too…

Type “A”-Rich daddy’s spoilt girl/lady- depends on whom you have met, have got most of the things easy in life and does not know or care about struggles as long as Miss High gets her way, money is something to be spent as long as someone is doing the earning, she knows the science of shopping and will have a best friend who she might gossip about to others but will hug when she needs a familiar face around..

Where will you meet her- nearest shopping mall, coffee shop, classroom or movie theater, remember she only goes to places worth going to and she will never repeat her wardrobe unless she’s tired physically or ill..get the picture i hope..she’s also high and mighty and might not pretend u exist at all unless she has work to do with u/ through u!!!

Oh warnings if you take her out to lunch with you, she might overstay for dinner and then breakfast and make sure you or your better half foots the bill while she smiles and gobbles spoonfuls because sometimes she forgets who her sponsor-er is!!!!

Type “B”-Rich daddy’s spoilt boy/man- I feel sorry for these…..because they are so helpless and idiotic at times you just end up feeling sorry for them…anyways they have huge sums of pocket money doled out for them, they go to clubs with girls, spend huge amounts of money, need a shoulder to cry on at times and someone to pamper their ego and some girls go all the way to ease their rich spoilt lifestyles..they are egoistic if they choose to be but mostly unavailable for common things like attending classes and doing assignments, they are so used to getting things done that they sure know how to work their way through favours and trivia…

Dressed like dandies at times, they also might be getting facials and pedicures in spite of not being close to model material and they always hang out in groups cause they are scared of being alone with their mundane selves….lol……

Warnings: You never know when these fools land up with you in a work/education setting but be prepared to slog it out cause they do not sweat…..SOME moms carry their tiffins to schools,backpacks to and fro from school, decide their attire, tell them what to do and lovingly feed them more and more of food because they might tire easily due to no labour undertaken….

Type “C“- This one is dangerous cause he/she may pretend to be an intellectual and ask smart questions but are layered with gossip and jealousy. They report other people’s lives to their bosses/professors and get away with it.They are not the prettiest or most handsome of the lot but definitely know how to use their assets and propel forward in a materialistic manner..

Their targets are the rich dandies/candies who sponsor their fake lifestyles and nurture their existence and all they talk about is art,literature,culture etc while on the inside their brains seem to be empty.You cannot harness negative and positive energy at the same time and these people are often confused.They pick reasons to fight and also cry to get their ways out of fights..No you won’t find them in kinder-garden, you might see them at your college or workplace….Your life is the topic of their speculation and they can never have enough of gossip, they always need a shoulder to cry on and a group to hide their ugliness in, soon people get tired of them but cause they manipulate powerplay at the highest levels hardly any have the guts to stand up or against them….sad  but true cause barking dogs seldom bite!!!!

Type “D”– This one always has a partner around because they are so shallow and empty that they need someone else to be their crutches, whether its printing assignments or waiting in queues or even getting a bus , they always need aid…

They are smart, intelligent but memorise by rot and  boy do they memorise!!!Their memories are also storehouses of information and they try very hard to compete with the best and influence their superiors and bosses by making sure that their work is noticed and accounted for…they might crush others in the eagerness to succeed and sometimes end up loosing more friends than the numbers of foes they eventually make..They might not even attend class when their partners are not around and definitely need extra boosts in answering question papers because they believe that while one works the other can rest..not in peace for sure …

Type “E” – They are the ones who work too hard to please and seem overeager to do so, they run around people in power because they are not sure of themselves and need support to get through their lives and careers but a tad bit more than others.They hardly work but grow, benefiting on fruits of their leaders labour…

Something to think about while I stop to let you my wonderful readers absorb this….and maybe connect with the characters…


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