Mixed Bag!!

Ok this is going to be a heck of a jumbled read:

I wonder why people are so annoying , inquisitive and act stupid after you tell them to back off, so there’s this guy in class who thinks he looks like Tom Cruise, I can bet you even Chip & Dale probably, wears 4 coloured stones on his fingers which are green, white, black and blue, no offense to anyone here ,but today when I asked him what he wore them for, he smiled and said ” my mom told me to”!!! Mamma’s boy all the way..lol…..never mind…he thinks he knows fine art, fine music, fine life and everything else fine but let me tell you what absolutely sucks -” his so-called fine brain” which somehow lost all the grey matter and decided that he should live the life of a fool in a princely disguise!!!How funny, he talks irrelevant crap and to prove his point just like some Bongs of my race he talks a lot and when you talk that much without any basic knowledge all you get is crap and more crap till finally you wonder the difference between shit and crap!!!I seriously think either he will get beaten up or humiliated because he has no sense to realise all he ever says is absolute nonsense…and wait boy does he have ego- the size of “Everest”…I think he needs a good wake up call like a splash of ice cold water and a psychiatrist!!! I deleted him from Facebook because of insane comments…

That is not all, he passed really sexual and derogatory comments on my attire and I gave him a solid piece of my mind, I have told him countless times to shut up and stay quiet, today he annoyed me in the library, he makes me really angry and all I wanna do is slap him so hard , wish I were a boy would have thrashed the daylights out of him, but for all my violent talk I have never slapped anyone other than this guy who was the “Head-boy” of a really smart a** school and made all our costumes for a dance disappear and robbed our seats and acted smart!!!I think I reported him and then all the boys thought I was really sizzling and tried asking me out and all they got was the choicest four letter words which I refuse to repeat on a public site!!!

Sometimes men do not grow up and this guy is an example of a jerk,nincompoop and a complete fool who does not realise that people actually get annoyed by his silly actions!!!I seriously miss Cms- my grad school which would have shaken the living daylights out of him and straightened him cause I know a guy like him and the way he changed post 3 years of grad school will take an entire post to describe!!Human nature is  weird , just when you know and think you know everything makes you believe otherwise!!

Now getting to the bit about this chick who obviously comes for a fashion parade of a different sort to class..makes you wonder why such people actually exist, people who use their body to get ahead and try to climb the ladder and leave the rest of the crowd looking dry and pale beside them..anyways it takes different flowers to make a garden and I would classify her as ” VENUS FLY TRAP”!!!

Perfectly apt for someone who crushes other people’s reputations, assassinates their characters, makes her friends pay her bills, her so-called toy boys for her wardrobe and accessories, takes free rides, tries getting free passes to events and conferences and makes conversation like no-one else is significant enough to comment on the topic other than her!!!She thinks she is beautiful and I do not want to make any comments on that but I truly believe that beauty from within lasts forever and jealously and malice destroy the prettiest girls and make them seem from Beauty to the Beast!!!

Another interesting highlight- this guy who actually robbed me of quite a bit of dough had the audacity in the library to ask me for directions to an annual report which we needed for finance class, what a smart piece of shita**…I mean he does not have manners, no culture, no shame,no sense of dignity or respect and everyday in class tries to pretend that he is someone smart and wise while he is an empty, cheating,conniving person who robs people and makes a fool out of them!! Do not worry the circle of life comes around and karmic energy that is negative reaps negative results which are sad but true….

Wow that is a LOT OF BLOGGING about people who are tripe and make little sense and hardly matter because all of us are used to living with lesser morals and somehow our value system is getting diluted and  no one has the guts to stand up against wrong, more so the wonderful people of Kolkata cause we are a city that watches but never stops to help!!!

Accidents happen ,people get killed, we watch,

Roads lie unpaved, we watch,

thieves walk away scot free, we watch,

Garbage is strewn like flowers polluting the landscape, we watch


I someday hope that someone will take a stand,

get out of jeans that flashes a brand

and just stop following popular demand,

travel the road less travelled to take a stand!!!!


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