People, Reality


If looks could kill many people would have been called murderers:

Let me tell you on a daily basis what a socially active and smart girl may face:-

A.) On the journey to work/class

  1. Looks from the bus conductor and co-passengers and the best is to pretend that they do not exist or look at the ugly scenery and experience the smog!!
  2. Looks from the person standing as if sitting is a crime and you are a criminal cause you have a seat and they do not!
  3. Looks from the conductor again if you do not have the correct change cause you are expected to carry change and mind you the correct amount.
  4. If there is an old creepy unsatisfied man in his 50s or 60s you will get all sort of looks which are hard to describe on a public platform without sounding gross, sad but true India has a high population of frustated men or men who fantasise too much and have nothing to look forward to in reality.

B.) On the road while walking:

  1. The vendors may look at you expectantly thinking your a rich catch.
  2. The bookstore owners look at you with a great deal of interest cause after all you may be their potential customer,no harm in direct selling and over promoting musty books to a smart savy student!!
  3. The van drivers cause obviously they only think of Sheila and Munni and every girl only appeals to their sex appeal, disgustingly true and this look I hate the most!!!
  4. The drivers lined up waiting for their bosses as if you are some piece..

C.) University building:

  1. The security guard who waits for you to flash your id and lets you enter.
  2. The cleaners who await you with disgust cause you just threw buckets of water on their hard work.
  3. The other people who rather look and pass on cause they are in a hurry.

I am getting to the interesting bit and this truly helps understand human behaviour, being a student of psychology it gives you codes on different people and how they perceive you..

In class:

Girl A- thinks you are competition secretly but wants to act pricey and a showoff so looks like you do not exist yet when you speak up she has all her eyes on you, after all you keep your enemies closer..

Girl B- thinks you talk too much and waits for her chance to show off and express her linguistic skills

Boy A- this one is the one who looks like your competition yet expresses disdain and askance at you

Boy B- tries to pretend he is interested in your conversation and plays it very cool where as his only topic of interest is your notes

Boy C- gives you a look like you talk too much and are a airhead yet secretly knows competition is tough when it comes to you..

You wonder when people look at you and exchange looks either your interesting or else they are bored of their monotony and cannot wait to see what you actually have to say!!!:-):-)

This could really help you while working in a people related profession and make life a lot simpler if you kept quiet and tried to assess people via their looks….

“After all mirror mirror on the wall,

Their is more to life than what you see, if you really do at all!!!!”



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