Importance continued….

Men or women never mind the gender ,people  in general like importance..does it pamper their overgrown out of proportion ego? Does it make them feel like they are being listened to? Does it make them feel better?? Does it make them feel like they own the world??

I really wonder and I think that people love the  word importance and all the glamour and drama that accompanies it..Some people create zones and hype just to get importance whereas others who do not matter in the hierarchy ladder try hard to get a bigger piece of pie or cake…

You keep wondering how the word importance word is linked, try baking a cake without baking powder, try operating your i-pad without a battery and try to manage a whole day without your cell-phone(referring to all Blackberry users) and you will understand how important it is to get focused on the small details which finally make your whole day organised and efficient…

The importance of bio-degrade-ables vz the importance of consumerism in a GDP driven world, the importance of figures driving sales volumes and the importance of marketing to sell’ll see the world rotates around importance….


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