Some people love the word importance and getting attention seems to be a priority in their lives, strange but true these people do not suffer from ADS , they have something which may be even bigger and may need a century of research to finally get published..Anyways these people seem to have a lot to say about others and act all secretive like they are the most important people, they walk in late to classes, act like they fly business class twice a month and create a hype that is not even worth a mention..

Some people talk incessantly and most of the time it is equivalent to tripe…some people talk because they want to show off their superior so called knowledge levels and these you meet on a daily basis..

There’s this guy who is utterly frustrated, asks crappy questions, always has some weird examples and says the most utterly ridiculous things and wait I forgot is so completely manner less and hyper and aggressive to the core.So when he speaks all the rest have to listen cause he talks just like Buddha..duh..he pointed fingers, spoke arrogantly to me and then pretended like he is king or something.

The gall of the guy who took money from me and never gave it back, anyway I wrote it off as bad debts..

Some people would create drama out of nothing to get importance and if they do not achieve their goal they resort to below the belt tactics which are so sad considering that talent is the only thing if truthfully used that lasts..

There will be more on this space so watch out…..



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