Management School happenings

You wonder what’s happening and you have all your friends and foes figured out when you suddenly find your on an island..Your worth and importance is only evaluated because you do assignments well and projects are on the mark.Everyone wants a piece of your grey cells because they choose not to think or walk the difficult path of innovation, the easiest thing is to copy and human psychology does that well..

People do not value you for who you are, they are intimidated by your confidence because most of them even lack common sense and reason, ready to blow the whistle at someone at the drop of a hat and demotivate someone who really wants to work hard, groups exist everywhere but more so in management colleges.Here people hide in groups because they have no identity and will to work, they are there because their girlfriends or friends study in the same class, some because their parents dreamed too much and some because they had nothing else to do and what a better way to spend their parents hard earned funds…

You wonder and think you know all the games till some people and their narrow minded thinking put you to shame, some crib at opportunities lost, some at what others gained while some crib for everything. Some feign innocence and vote you out leaving you feeling like an outcaste but pretending to actually be your friends.Some make decisions and then do not have the guts to tell you in person till you hear it from someone else.You wonder where you went wrong till you realise someone very wisely warned you that you do not make any friends in management college and everyone has a reason to be selfish and keep opportunities away because of their so-called insecurities..

Sad but true parties here make no sense, seldom do you meet a good friend, you never know who backstabs or who plays spoiler …Actors and actresses exist of every kind and to get what they want people even make friends with their enemies or nincompoops…Management on the whole seems shallow and weak when you are surrounded by empty,fake,hollow people who seem so bleak…

You wonder where you landed was much worse had you chosen to stay out of the race, but nevertheless you learn to fight. stand up for what is wrong or right and if you are true the “Man above” will make sure you look bright and in the end win the whole fight…because he will ensure you put in more than what seems to be your might….


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