Courage is something most people lack and some pretend not to have any bones about not having any.Some people are so smart that they act all brave in front of you but when your gone, they will be the first ones to bitch,backbite and foulmouth you at the earliest opportunity.

It is something that is so absent in management students, it leaves you wondering how did they reach the post-graduate level.They have no guts to stand together for something that is wrong and needs attention and action but most of all unity, but they will not hesitate in tearing down someone’s reputation at the cost of building their own.They are the first ones to crib and complain but disappear when it comes to taking any official action.

Some people and trust me these are the most shallow of the lot, they crib and complain and pretend to be friends but team up with someone who is as shallow and as big a wannabee and then plan and scheme.

Well the games people play are many but the ones that actually require courage and backbone few last…

It’s a marathon and I am talking about life here, lets see who reaches the finish line and how well they actually do fare in the process….


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