Break down of families

How do you define success?? By earning tons and pots of money,may be your right and I will not argue with you..But someone whose led an honest,simple,uncomplicated life deserves dignity and when they are stripped of that in death and are left lonely and to fend for themselves, it does leave you with a lot of unanswered questions..

Societal rules and laws define marriage as the ultimate institution , which I believe is great if both are suited and well-matched to balance each other out.Today that did not seem enough nor was it convincing..This man had 3 children, 2 are doing extremely well and noone had time to come and visit him in his last days, especially since they called up and he sensed somewhere his time was fading away..

Is humanity getting buried behind the race for reaching the top and once you do reach and realise that you have missed on few precious moments, how do you account for it??


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