Remembering a “friend”

He was special, did he know that..I wonder because I did not realise how much…

Untill he was no more and left a  void which will never be filled up..

We took him for granted at times thinking he would fight the deadly disease,

thinking he would come out the other end of the tunnel ,

thinking that God would definitely release,

his pain and ease….

He was intelligent,smart,humble,

but above all he knew when the cookie would crumble,

he had an intuition at the age of 25 that superceded everybody else..

And which made the void so irreplaceable ..

and so difficult to accept as the eventual reality..

I never could believe he would be gone,

gone from our midst,

we would not be ever again able to ask our doubts,

or chat and crack up with his jokes..

He left us all broke…and all in one clean shocking stroke…

I wish I had a time machine,

a device to bring him back,

a chance to tell him a proper goodbye,

without worrying about why…but some questions will always remain,

All I know is he is free of pain..





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