The Path!!

The “path” seems long,

will it be another one to tread on alone??

Should I let the by-gones pass me by ,

Or wait till the road seems empty,with a dull sigh!!


The “path” seems quiet,

Noone misses anything, yet something is amiss in the intolerable heat,

Will it cause me to skip a heartbeat??


The “path” seems to take a twist,

Will life throw at me some new jist?

Or put me into it’s tight fist,

I wonder if I should make a new list,

of those gone and yet to fit into the new twist….

Or will it leave me wrapped in it’s mist!!

The “path” seems to never end,

bringing with it a new dawn, a new bend…

But how on earth do I mend??

Somethings cannot be lent, nor can be bought by green notes or spent..

Do I understand that the path’s just bent??

Or sit back and relent,

Cry aloud and repent…

I wonder whether the “path” has anything new to lead me to and if so, where do I vent??

Rather give in to it’s bent,

Crooked ways and relent…

Hoping it will come of age and repent…




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