Violence against women

As I continue this I wonder aloud to myself have I lost count, or more so lost track..The past few months I have met so many wonderful women all torn apart by poverty but more so by violence that creeps into their homes at ugly hours, when the world is still, when the world is asleep, these women only need a place to hide…

Why does the man “intoxicated”, inebriated come back home and beat her up, giving her worst treatment than a puppet or a rag doll..I have wondered who brought these men up and where do they hide their faces at daybreak, no where else other than their daily trade areas-vans,rickshaws,small shops,vendor areas and so forth..How do they become scavengers & birds of prey by night??Someone who does all their dirty work is hurt by those same hands that once took an oath to protect them from pain and sorrow..

People around me are so insensitive that they do not realise the horror stories of these brave women and subject them to further torture and maltreatment in the confines of their homes releasing fresh stabs of pain and ache..

Domestic violence is so steep in rural India that some people take [ride in it and tell their daughter’s that ” your husband is a good man, so what if he hits you, you must have done something wrong to provoke his wrath”..It is acceptable to be married for the sake of marriage to a wife-beater, these same men also visit the compounds of unsocial,unacceptable women where they shower money and have the time to squander for a few moments of pleasure..The wife who toils hard all day at home, cleaning,scrubbing other people’s floors and cooking in various houses and doing 100 odd jobs to make ends meet becomes the victim who is subject to harsh treatment…

I realised talking,travelling and interviewing these women that they are the true bread-winners and providers of homes…I just wonder when and how will the violence against them stop and how long will it take for society to take a wake-up call ,stand together and fight for the daughters of their motherland!!!!


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