People, Thoughts

“Expect the unexpected”!!

The thoughts seem to lace my brains as I wonder what I should blog about ..this topic is so vast, so much to write,so much to itself is unexpected..

You never know who you meet- example I met John & Bips in Mumbai while going for coffee with friends, was a meeting I will remember forever, was so taken aback by their poise,dignity and the calm demeanor with which he handled his starry-eyed fans, I was so stunned neither had the presence of mind to click any photographs nor to take an autograph but the unexpected in this case will be a lovely lifetime memory…I ran into an old friend last year while shopping and exchanged so many notes..I ran into someone not so nice- a boring relative and wanted to run miles away..

My best friend passed away,no-one thought he would phase out of our lives, he was the strongest mentally,motivating us,very smart and a true friend in every sense, he was just gone and I realised how unexpectedly death stared at me at the age of twenty five…

I topped the class-unexpectedly allthough I had studied decently, attended my classes and tried to ensure I was more or less tuned to everything around..

The purpose of this post however is not to share my experiences or those of my friends, it is rather an attempt to dissect this topic and explain it as well as I can in my own way…

Life throws us so many choices,gives us so many chances,

Yet do We realise it’s nuances??

Or do we walk through it without understanding it, in a trance…

Life is a journey,

Simple at times and difficult at others,

Who knows how the pages will unfurl,

What lies in the Master’s hand that might cause us to to twirl!!

How do we make the divide between family and career??

Barring a few most get lost in the war,

That threatens to rip apart their roots and ,

unleash a whole new world undiscovered like Mars…

As women,girls it is so difficult to follow our hearts,

Yet listen to our minds and remain not torn apart..

I wish someone took classes and taught us to expect nothing,

Yet the weak human mind decides to take a risk, to walk on a path that might lead to something,

The bonds around us keep us from dreaming,keep us from flying,

Yet do we give up without trying?

I wonder how many have the courage to forget that there’s no prying,

No questions asked or answers given,

Because ahead lies the unexpected…

A world defined by rules,

yet sometimes made by political fools,

A world defined  by laws,

yet stuck in a rut between it’s own magnificent jaws….

A world defined by pride,

Where some forget their own self in the whole gimmick called a “free ride”,

Who defies it and decides,

to stay apart and take a stride!!

A world that throws up a whole set of cues,

Yet we mortal fools think we know all the clues,

Till we are struck in the face by life’s blues!!

A world that seems to be changing,

Unleashing something new and feeding starved desires and longing,

We seldom realise the vicious circle of beginnings,

Which trap us in their happenings!!

Expecting anything is sure doom,

A way to ensure more ways to seek gloom!!

Expecting nothing is a virtue,

But seldom pursued by anybody true..

Or tried by someone new..

After all life does give us a “clue”

Yet we get stuck in it with glue..

And seldom know the answers are nothing just “an unexpected simple cue”……..

Expecting everything,

seeking something,

Might finally be futile and lead us to nothing...

While the unexpected throws us off-guard,

It sure does inspire some of us to be extraordinary, because they realise everything worthwhile is quite hard!!

Hope that makes a little sense..this is a tiny tribute to someone who reads my blog very recently and gave me a tiny idea with this topic and a small discussion lead to an avalanche of ideas springing forth from me!!!!


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