The monsoons are almost here, what was a pretty picture to those travelling in the luxury or their cars or being chauffeured around the city is an ugly reality to some others…Staying in the city of joy has made me introspective and comparative, I wonder why people do not care or refuse to change..

The rain that looks so pretty from my balcony as it falls on the earth below, or from my window, when I see my plants literally dancing and swaying in the breeze I wonder how truly magical the planning of the Man above is and how perfect indeed.after a sweltering hot remorseful summer come the rains to quench the Earth and decorate it like a bride getting dressed in her finery for her wedding day..All the tiny plants crop up and the greens look refreshing and cool in the middle of the city’s concrete jungle…I have had the privilege of always tending and maintaining a garden whichever city I have lived in and it is truly my escape from the perils and ugly side of urban space to dream,breath,nurture,value and care without getting anything in return…

The rain on the other side from my college window was something that caused a long deep sigh and also at times stressed me out..It would be thoughts of crossing streams of dirty,murky water with glass pieces,waste products,plastics and who knows what else, the more I pondered I would never muster up the courage to wade through it to catch a bus or a taxi back home..Our institute gets into an island like situation where on three sides it is surrounded by water and the roads seem to be buried under layers of brown,filthy water..Umbrellas seem to be useless,so do raincoats and all other rain gear..the water crosses your knee at times and makes you feel like your swimming in a pool of grime and dirt..Your phone getting soaked releases a fresh note of panic, so does anything grazing your foot because you dare not stop and see what it is..The monsoon then truly becomes dreadful, you want to return to the cosy confine of your room at home and sip a cup of hot tea with an cookie or a fried hot homemade snack, but alas you realise what your stuck in..Waiting can only add to your misery because the water levels increasing can be difficult to navigate through and it is only a matter of time before you realise you have to toughen up and get back to a cleaner place called home to wipe away the trace of the ugly side of the Monsoons…

The poor,homeless who take to the streets for shelter get drenched and are left with coughs or sniffing with hardly a few being able to buy a cup of tea, the contrast is so stark that it truly leaves you wondering how fortunate you are to have a home to return to, to have parents who worry and call you, to have your grandad waiting till you step inside, to have your room water free and to eventually sip that cup of hot steaming tea!!

More on this soon..Rain is something I loved while I lived in the “Silicon valley”, played with my best friend,took long walks with her,eat hot chips,steaming idlis and drank hot coffee..but the reality of the monsoons placed a completely different picture in the “City of Joy”!!


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