The past!!

The past is something that people say does not haunt us or affect us, but does it or does it not I truly wonder..I have seen so many different people in my journey through life from various backgrounds trying to settle their past and deal with the present.I have seen people become weak fighting the demons of the past..Yet I have also seen people emerge strong after being brave enough to leave it behind and dare to create a new world of hope,love through their willpower..

Someone who had lost everything he owned, everything he knew, everyone who he called a friend dared to walk on a difficult path and take an unknown step and create a hopeful future for his generations ahead..Fires were burning,rather raging all through his homeland, the land of sunshine,football,fish and warmth..There were riots that threatened to destroy families, yet he chose to leave everything behind and cross over to the other side with a hope that there would be greener grass and more to look forward to..He created a home for his children, safety,security for them and made sure all his brothers and sisters were educated and married and settled..Did he leave the past behind or carry bits of it forward into the new land where he settled, his dialect, his food habits,his culture?? What remained and what was removed and became anew….He taught himself to weather all odds and adapt and change and make the best use of the little resources he had, with diligent hardwork he lived his life with integrity and honesty..He will not perhaps ever realise but he has left behind a legacy that will be hard to replicate and follow..values,culture,morals were his garments and simple living and high thinking his basic principle.

I am so blessed to have met someone like him in my journey, to have his presence around for my growing years, to help me grow into someone who knows the difference between right and wrong and can take a stand for herself…

On the other hand there is this man who gave up his child and wife for seeking to pursue his career,his selfish motives thwarted by his greed and avarice and hunger to be famous and sought after..This journey also started twenty five years ago before I was born but have been able to witness some of the sequence of events that happened after..He left a new-born baby to seek something that seemed much better and brighter, he left his wife to battle with problems such as procurement of necessary aids to help the little one grow up, he left his in-laws with scathing comments and never bothered to value or appreciate them..He never dreamed of taking care of a family , his career was always his priority and his extravagant lifestyle..after walking away from that girl’s life, he tried to reenter and offer money but could not bridge the gap with her, she hardly knew who he had become and he hardly knew what she wanted to become!!! Past seeped in and threatened to rock the present and their bonding might never have a future, because the best of relationships cannot be strengthened by money or nurtured with possessions..

Bonds of love,trust and faith seep in at an early stage and sometimes the birth giver becomes a stranger and the one around becomes a parent…

Harbouring hatred,destructive, revengeful thoughts often destroy the beauty of the present or lace it with edges of gloom and falsehoods..The past is painful, the past may have been difficult but just like the tree whose flowers we pluck to use in our homes or places of worship or marriages or celebrations, yet who never stops blooming, we should relearn the pretty lessons Mother Nature teaches us and celebrate the present and bury the past.Let it be a positive memory, a thought that will add silver linings to the storm clouds yet set us free to dream again and be hopeful that maybe tomorrow might be the best we have ever had , after all the best things of life are unexpected & unwritten….


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