People, Reality, Thoughts


Thoughts keep rushing into my mind,

Do I seek something that I might never find..

Thoughts whirling in my brain,

Will they all flow into an empty drain,

Or help someone get past their pain?

Thoughts ceasing to stop,

Wondering if I would ever actually drop,

My ideas and creativity,

And get caught in it’s mysterious but perilous “captivity”..

Thinkers exist in isolated islands,

Do they eventually achieve their dream or take any stand?

Or even cease to conquer and fall short of a particular fancy band!!

Thinkers get tagged,

If only they had not bragged,

Then society would have them dragged,

Into their so-called archives and newspapers so awfully gagged!!!

Thoughts cause one to feel conceit,

sometimes lead to deceit,

But it ever cause one to forfeit,

Or lead them on a journey of defeat??

Thoughts if pleasant seem to fade,

Thoughts that are dark tend to dissuade,

Someone from thinking their chosen path, often something self made…

Do I dare to wade,

In it’s oceanic current and get pulled on till it gently hits a seashore, where it never persuades,

Will it be “the dawn” I had hoped will never fade,

Is this one of the miracles that the One Above had made???



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