You quarrel,

You fight,

At it with all your might,

It can be because someone’s scratched your new car with their rash driving,

Or maybe because the omelette at breakfast is not worth putting into your palette……

A fight can occur anywhere,

In a crowded metro while someone is trying to get out or even at your home ,”dear”…

It’s not about who is shouting, but when it is one of your so-called “peer”,

You know you might not have chosen well at all,atleast not from near….


It’s someone’s “pride” that has to fall,

A barrier between two that seldom does stall.

But definitely someone with a lot more gall!!!


While at the nearby mall,

You realise another quarrel is yet to start,

All because someone has paid and not got their promised tart,

Or it because they did it to win someone’s heart??

While at the electricity counter you see,

a long never-ending queue or sea,

Of people that are cross and bothered,

Yet no-one seems to care or get smothered..

You leave wondering what is worth the wait?

Rather wait quietly then start another never-ending heated debate,

After all this won’t help lessen or increase your tax-rebate!!!!


At home it is a different scene,

One that may seem to be clean,

But yet can start over a simple can of bean,

Or end over a little yellow dress that after laundry became green!!


At work it is a different feeling alltogether,some trying to outwit,some just too dull and dimwit,

Yet in the end the golden eggs are handed to the one who sticks out in the crowd,

Is proud, never a dull moment or a shroud,

After all it’s a race to the top,

Winners finish if they could,

It’s not you to choose, after all that’s what your boss would,

Do to those who kept his secrets under their hood

This is the wonderful corporate jungle or wood!!!

Do you quarrel,

Are you stuck in life’s grind and a barrel??

Is it worth your while,

Or another way to make you guile

It’s always two down the aisle,

But can you make it together so far and yet another life’s mile!!

Choose your fight,stop being uptight..

Choose whose special and dear, to hold you close when you fear…

Choose who you want more, or life might be a complete bore…

Choose your work,not let your work become your only fork,

to help you navigate the rough bends or pull into it’s gushing torque…

It’s ironical to want more because you never realised what you had ,just tore,

Your life into bits and pieces with your never-ending quarrel!!!


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