People, Reality, Thoughts

Assumptions/ Views

Some of the random assumptions that are unfortunately mostly made by people around :

Situation A:

Girl is smart,witty, humorous,fun-loving,bubbly and well turned out but “single”!!


  1. She is available for a freebie!!
  2. She is fast- now the word has many concoctions
  3. She can be a friend with benefits
  4. She can be used like a douche bag
  5. She is way more evolved and can be treated like tissue paper
  6. She is overly aggressive

Comment by me: Many urban girls face this syndrome and some give in to perception,while some fight hard to keep their values intact in a world where lines are very thin and in a society where women still have to prove themselves in order to establish their credibility because not all become celebrities!!

Situation B:

Girl is very boyish, not just a tomboy,wears men’s perfumes,clothing and has an aggressive demeanour.


  1. She is heartless.
  2. She is attracted to the same sex.
  3. She is a male basher.
  4. She has no close gal pals.
  5. She has a trashy personality.

Comment by me: Discover,get to know her and probably you will know what turned into who she is!!

Situation C:

Shy girl with lot of talents,creativity but not that great looking and always compared to people..

Do not think people do not make assumptions..

  1. She maybe labelled as a snob or a nerd which is relatively ok.
  2. She may be the target of all crude humour..

The point of this post is not male bashing but it is rather venting out emotions and dissecting many situations which urban girls/women face in this progressive yet hypocritical society I live in..I am quite amused by celebrity wars today on the topic of whether our country has progressed or regressed in terms of women and how empowered we actually are..There are 2 or 3 stars who do make it to the top but for the rest of the average Indian woman/girl, does she get protection from public bodies, help in time of need,grievance redressal,alimony rights..the topics are endless..There are so many wonderful laws yet the law enforcement sometimes remains on paper..What is the true status of the average Indian girl…There is a huge amount of steps being taken and girls emerging at the top and someone out there everyday fighting glass ceilings and becoming a unknown hero in the crowd…

I wonder why people take the single Indian girl for granted, what is it with our mentality that we cannot seem to accept them as they are instead of rushing them to the altar or rounds around the holy fire…But at least we are better off than many countries where laws are harsher and every step is monitored or measured and the freedom of enjoying a cup of coffee outside is a dream yet to come true within the domains of their homeland..

On that positive note I will leave you the reader with a question:

When do you think a girl is truly empowered??


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