The Garden

The garden seem neglected, seemed lonely,

no one to tend it,

No caring hands to lend their time to it..

The garden seemed to be crying,

while it was dying..


Then all of a sudden it seemed like someone had stepped in,

Cleared the weeds, trimmed the overgrown plants,

Put manure in those that were almost gone,

Medicine where termites threatened to make trees look worn…

Music seemed to float from the passing bird or two,

The garden seemed to bloom and grow,

Flowers bloomed, butterflies groomed..


The garden learned a lesson,

Not to give up hope even if it became lonesome..

The fairies did their task,

And the garden to them did softly ask??

Why so long to fulfill your task,

They smiled and said it was not their duty to ask,

But only to obey and fulfill while wearing a mask..

The garden realised it was the hand of a greater one ,who never failed in any “task”!!!


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