A friend who accepts you the way you are,

With whom you can laugh without a care….

Lets you be,

yet never fails to see,

The only real part of me…

A friend whose true and genuine,

Without any trace of malign..

Makes you get a taste of heaven,

When everything around you does not seem to be even..

When things seem pell-mell,

A friend’s touch,call,message or mail can bring you out of roads that seem like “hell”..

Whose presence is like a whiff of a lovely fragrance,

That makes it’s presence felt and not heard till you snap out of your trance…


A friend makes the bend in the road,

Seem like no hurdle and helps you face the odd,

Brave the heat and dirt,never being fraud…

A friend is like music,

That plays perfectly at all times,

never out of tune or sync with you through it’s gentle chimes..

Something that cannot ever cost you any dimes..


A friend whose there to love and share,

To fall back onto and hold while the world whizzes past you without a care,

When you want to throw your hands back and bare,

Your thoughts,your feelings,your soul after a long hard day or “spar”..


Someone who can read your unsaid thought,

Understand those unspoken words knowing what you sought,

Into your life has the colours of a rainbow brought,

Removed the quench,the thirst the drought…

And taken a part of your heavy lot..

Asking you never any question of what and why you got!!

Spreading the magic,

Friendship has not logic,

It is driven by give and take,

Yet never does the true friend ever break,

Some unseen bonds that make,

Life seem like a perfect take,

When you do know the friend is at a call away ,never fake….

If do find one,never let go,

For in your every woe,

Your friend will help you win over your foe!!!!


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