A speeding car kills a teen,

Some celebrity dying of an unknown disease and unseen..

A friend no longer wants to recognise you,

You realise nothing about that friendship was ever true!!


Someone in a bus refuses to offer their seat to an elderly,

While you see things around so disorderly..

A relative you trust goes all out to backbite,

someone you rely on gets you into a nasty family fight!!


Then you realise the  importance of travelling light,

So that someday your soul can take flight..

It would never happen if you carry forward baggage,

memories of indifference scattered in your mind like garbage…

Must it occupy so much of space,become a huge disadvantage??


Seeds of negativity,

Cause you a lot of brevity..

Can lead your soul down to stairs of calamity

And cause your heart to ache causing you self-pity…

Is it worth taking up enmity?

With yourself over someone’s lack of understanding and stupidity??


Indifference scattered like seeds,

Cause in your mind’s garden some unwanted weeds..


Indifference hurts,

it threatens to rip you totally apart..


Yet you know you must face,

Life’s every new phase….


Indifference is a stand you must take,

In order to avoid the fake,

Realise that it’s your choice to make,

Not at the cost of life to break…

Indifference sometimes, is much more than a ironical choice to take!!


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