People, Reality, Thoughts


Hits you in the dead of the night,

When you just feel like shouting and screaming with all your might,

Yet there is no despite..

Nothing but silky,inky black veil of silence covering the earth,

Threatening at times to rip souls apart..

Some that have no part,

often do eventually come apart…..

Silence stalking you with her underlying sense of gloom,

You cannot sweep or dust her away with a broom!!

The house that seemed abuzz with voices,

Now seems to be left alone without any choices…

Standing tall yet without anyone visible within,

Who knows what creature stays in it’s mighty confine??

Some like to chatter,some like to feel like they matter..

Whether they are somebody’s son or daughter..

They want to be a part of some sort of laughter!!

Some like solitude,

Yet refuse to accept meaningless talk without exhibiting a bit of attitude..

Some like people all around,

To talk to and listen to their woes so profound,

Yet find none to soothe their wounds!!

Is silence blissful or painful I wonder??

Is it truly liberating I ponder?

To it must we finally surrender??


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