No one can truly say they have faced it all,

Sometimes you stop and it does make you fall…

No one can truly say they have seen its various glimpses,

It leaves behind a trail of unfulfilled promises…


No one can truly say it does not hurt,

When it strikes in full force it gushes,oozes and spurts….


No one can say it’s the dusk to a new beginning,

For where it starts has no real clue or meaning…


No one can say they have shared it’s rise, its fall,

It is something that causes each one to appall……


No one can say it reduces with age,

It only helps you face it more bravely because you’re at a certain stage!!


No one can say when it hits,

Like a flash of thunder or an old ugly dress that never fits….


Through the pain,

You often have nothing more to gain,

It sometimes leaves you insane,

Yet wondering where it started,if it was in vain?

The cause sometimes remains unknown,thus hurting you again,

With a new fresh lease of pain,

Which is so totally out of your domain….


Makes you question if people around you are sane???

To remain oblivious to your pain..

In their isolated pools or domain….


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