Was it him I wondered?

Or was it a reflection of who I thought it would be?

Maybe a step further and I realised it was not quite what it seemed to be??


A walk down the road revealed nothing surprising,

seemed to toss my thoughts and feelings in an “uprising”!!


I continued on that endless path drifting,

Yet realised I was not shifting,

It was time that had made my life a nasty joke,

Was it all because of that unknown bloke?

I was never to know the reasons why,

But that did not make me stop and try….

All the while, I kept wondering “why”….


Who was he that I was looking for,

A knight in shining white armour or an ordinary person?

Who would never be the cause of treason..

Or with whom I would never be in a delusion!!

Would he to my life bring a conclusion???

Or will I drift away from reality trapped in ironic “illusion,

hazed by cloudy perception…

Robbed of all emotion…

Where no one but he could be my solution,

To what everyone thought was another delusion!!!!!!


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