In the whirlpool, 

Everyone seems to be faced with a deluge or rule…

Some feel it is so easy to fool,

Another in front of them who seems to be unassumingly cool,

Rarely does he know when he will be subject to someone’s manipulative tool..

And land up becoming an innocent fool!!!


There seems to be a flood,

Of unanswered questions which sometimes lead to bloodshed..

Sometimes mayhem and chaos bringing out silent tears that were unshed…

And all around “people” see red!!!

Some fight over a piece of bread,

Others living in constant fear and dread…

Their clothing to bits and pieces shred…

Upon that unseen path they tread,

Not knowing there is doom in wait ahead!!!


Who pays the price?

Who is the villain in disguise?

Who should we bow to like “coward mice”??

Till our souls start the journey of despise…


Media seems to atleast bring forth information,

Which sometimes increases chaos and confusion,

But atleast we know of the situation!!

Which is  a political game and diffusion..

Causing nationwide stress and delusion..

To which everyone has an added problem without any feasible solution…

After all politicians enjoy the confusion..

They love the debates and the media ‘s added involvement and fusion,

Gives them a chance to publicize their weak,shallow opinion…..

Which adds on to the turmoil of an entire nation!!!!


The game seems to be  like a bottomless pits,

Where questions seem to be like direct hits..

Every answer seemingly leading to public “dismal & fits”…

After all emotion is ripped to bits..

Hope lies shattered beneath those pits..

And death counts become the “fastest website hits”…….



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