She seems calm,

Soothing those who flock to her like a balm….

Taking all in her unseen magnificent palm…


She flows,

No one ever tries to know…

To her in deep love, some of us truly take a bow…

While others indulge in a nasty and ugly row!!


She seems to be a rage,

No One can ever satisfy her with a mere wage..

Some stay dipped in her waters and become “a sage”…

To others she seems to be a mere image..

Trapped by her beauty,some take photographs of her in an unseen cage…

No-one knows whose chapter closes at which page!!


They go to take a dip,

Unknown of her wrath beneath the tip,

She consumes the evil in her grip…

Wiping them out in their ill fated last trip….

Leaving other’s around wounded to drip!!


She takes,

That unknowingly proud soul she breaks…

Yet it is so many lives that she makes,

Who are surrounded by her whirlpools and lakes….

Leaving only a trail of dry,dirt cakes…

She in her wrath only takes,

Breaking those spirits that seem distant and withdrawn,

Fall into her waters like pawn…

To the world they seem gone…

Only she knows their true fate alone…


Her waters with pain sting,

The same balm now spreads hatred like a unleashed spring..

To everyone’s ears her music seldom does ever ring…

Only she knows to whom what fate she can bring!!!!


To her mystery , I surrender,

Knowing even this might not please her causing her to bellow or thunder….

Or loot those around and plunder..

While some remain onlookers and a bystander…

Into her water, my soul seems to wander…

Her curves meander,

While the rest can only ask questions and wonder..

I choose to let her ponder,

Whether my life to her is worth any surrender??




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