A take on relationships

I was chatting with my girl pals from different cities, all thanks to technology and it’s connectivity advantages, realised the common factor that everyone seemed to be complaining about was the lacuna of decent people from the opposite gender..more or less most of them these days seem to be either interested in making girlfriends all for the wrong reasons. We all realised that the “only guys” we could call on in times of trouble or our 2 am buddies were all busy in their lives,but at least had never hit on us or given us the scope to be felt like they were treating you like “tissues” which could be used and discarded anytime soon.

The complexity of the changing dynamics in Modern,urban India makes me stop and wonder where do the values we strongly harp on belong or have they vanished leaving an almost extinct version of people who others look at mock disdain or scornfully at??

I was almost stereotyping all the guys I have met in the recent years into this category, till I realised there existed an almost extinct variety which is refreshing and such a polite change to see and makes you believe that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining!!”Decent guys” exist ,although limited in  numbers..They not only treat you nicely if you are high and never ever take any advantage but also insist on seeing you reach back home safely, even though at some point of conversation they still debate about how insensitive girls these days are and how pricey the elite ones act etc and how difficult it is to please a girl and make her happy!!

No gain without pain, finding Mr Right in today’s media savvy and technologically advanced world is not impossible but close to it..A right blend of values,modernity vs respect for cultural differences, broad minded, intelligent with a fantastic sense of humour and someone who gives you the space to be yourself yet stands there ,when you slip and fall to help you up again,someone who respects you and is confident enough to trust you is someone whose rare but indeed a precious find!!

In my mid twenties surrounded by a huge group of friends or cousins who are married and settled, I often wonder how their lives within the four walls are, sometimes I hear of fights, sometimes I see the tears streaming down a better half’s face only to be wiped off and I realise that the show must go on, in most cases societal acceptance and the parental happiness is all that matters and the rest is an adventure for the couple to find out and determine..Some regret they are hitched too early, whereas the other lot feel that a lifetime with the right one is too short, I muse and smile to myself knowing that I am a free bird and no chains or bonds tie me down..

I can soar and fly into the blue skies without anyone holding me back or caging me within their framework of life or their aspirations..Is it a privilege or am I too independent,  I am often asked and older relatives look a bit too sternly at the concept of independence whereas some of my married pals look at me with envy knowing I am leading my life on my own terms!!


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