People, Reality

Eternal deceit

This story was something that played on my mind for a long while, may be bit by bit I will be able to pen it down.

Girl is pretty,witty and smart ,naive and from a fairly traditional family , lets call her Neeti and the boy is from the same town but much more complicated and a smooth talker called Gaurav…

Neeti’s father had warned her of the extra smooth talkers and woes of getting into any sort of relationships in college which she did pay heed to, all she did was studied hard and stay away from the so-called wannabees who kept on hitting on her.She was on the way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a dental surgeon and that was all that mattered, boys,relationships,dating were never in her dictionary..Her world was the library,practicals and the canteen and the rush to see more patients and operate on more cases and learn as much as she could. Her idea of becoming a doctor was to serve the less fortunate sections of the society and that was the reason why she decided at the tender age of five years to become a doctor, while she was getting operated and in hospital she decided what she wanted to be and that would define her for the rest of her life…

She was in her own world of chilly chicken and noodles till she met Gaurav, who was he and how did that meeting change their lives.She never cared even a bit about him and he was someone who would never bother about anything or anybody untill he had some sort of vested interest. The smartest girl in class with the prettiest figure and longest black raven like hair seemed to be an illusion which he could never fathom out or understand, his 21 year brain seemed to be giddy everytime she turned and gave him a hard stare.


More to follow…….


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