The ” drive “

It was a sleek car,

They seldom drove far,

Thoughts and emotions at par..

As they drove down black pitch and tar..

Music seemed to drift in from afar,

Words seemed to dominate ,it became a beer bar..

All that happened in the car..

The world beside them passed by,

Horns beeping loudly ,as they seemed to fly,

They never needed to know why??

To each other they would seldom lie!!

All the money in the world could not buy,

After all it was time that was well spent by ….


As she looked back at that time with a sigh!!

He never asked her why?

Tears sometimes streamed as she tried hard not to cry,

It was more than worth a try!!


Worlds mixed,

thoughts never seemed jinxed…

Problems that existed seemed to automatically get fixed!!


The company was all that seemed to matter,

To her it was a lot more that chatter,

While sometimes rain fell pitter patter…

She knew it was only a matter of time before it would shatter!!


Time seemed to be their only enemy,

Everything stayed still , but time always flew faster than smoke from a chimney!!!


Who was she to stop,

It would always end with a drop….


She knew it was a world without definition,

She gave up all her inhibition,

To the winds she threw all caution,

It seemed like a unknown destination….

There was never an inkling of hesitation…

Comfort was something she felt without any trepidation…


The roads seemed to fade,

The air conditioning always stayed..

It was more just a drive..

It wiped out all traces of strife…

Cut through their worlds like a knife….

She seemed so innocent and naive,

That image of her he would always store through his life..


Friends they knew they would remain,

More than that was not their domain..

No one could know her pain..

There was nothing he would gain..

Except share their stories and try in vain,

To get her attention for that short span ,while he drove through the fast lane!!!!


There were undercurrents,

That seemed to flow in torrents…


There were moments,

That would stay locked as memories…

Not a soul would know their stories..

To each other only would they bare their worries!!!


The parallel lines of life did not meet,

It seemed another endless feat..

But a sweet ending ,not a defeat…

After all “Who” was there to beat??!!!!………………….



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