The “fighter”

Unchanged by destiny,

He wrote his own testimony..

To none he would reveal his true identity…

Was it someone who drowned in an ocean of mystery and brevity?


Seldom giving anyone cues,

His personality revealing none other than just the basic hues..

No where would he leave a trail of clues..

He was extremely particular about his shoes…


His trail could be sniffed out by the whiff of perfume,

Which to the true appreciator of finer things could be be fatal doom…

Cause it could turn on senses and set a mind on tune…

He never wasted time looking at the moon..

Only rescuing a damsel from swoon…..


Racing through the roads at night,

He was a creature that loved flight,

He never focused on anything, but training for that fight!!!

After all he seldom shared his mind’s true plight….

Every muscle & fiber in his body remained tight…

And he would not miss anything because he had an eagle’s piercing gaze or sight!!!!!!


Was he emotional,

How and when did his emotions become operational??


His mind was a mystery,

No one knew what figured in it other than karate history,

Or details of fights and winner’s real story…

Never bothering about anything that to others would seem gory..

He kept on his track till he attained glory!!

Would the world know his real story??


A true gentleman at heart,

He never liked sweets or tart…

Living his life apart,

It seemed to the world he did not have a heart!!

But those who knew him would tell it had a part..

Only to some would he act over smart…

But they would not ever dare to question him or strike a dart?


His world,his rules…

Could never be understood by fools…

His tools.

Were different from any other thinking schools….

After all only he laid down the rules…

To banish all the fools,

From understanding his mode of operation and tools….


Who was fighter?

He could set hearts on fire without a real lighter!!

His instinct,

Was fresh like mint…

After all he liked his pint!!


To the world he would be a black belt,

But beyond that, who he was was a mystery that always remained “unspelt“!!!

After all the best things are always felt,

Only by someone whose gone through the pain of reaching the belt,

With marks that would bleed and welt

Indeed that was a hallmark that only he who dealt “felt”………



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