A fighter’s brush with pain!!

Blocking it in the karate class may be his forte,

But outside does he exhibit the same sort of demeanour??

Display such audacity and valour!!

To know him is a great honour……


They say his strength holds no boundaries,

He does not care about sundries,

He can smash blocks of ice,

His life is without any spice…

He keeps his guard on,

Never lets emotions,

Overwhelm his mind while in the war zone!!

Never letting out a cry of pain or deep seated groan…

To none he owes any sort of loan..

He treads on the earth alone,

Leaving you to wonder if ever he was full human or an alien from above Ozone!!!


Covering his pain,

Inside the  ring,he will never complain…

You wonder how he bears,

Those wounds that seem purplish black,

Leaving a trace of that almost fatal attack…

He would never miss a chance of striking back…


The world sees the scars,

Knowing that they are his golden stars,

He wears them with pride and invites cold stares,

Only if the world knew beneath that he never bares

His “veil of indifference” he wears,

It helps him block and check all “unwanted emotions and cares”….


Physical wounds he invites,

To be mercilessly rained all over him,while he decides,

What would be his next kick or strike??

Outside the ring he flies like the wind on his black bike

His blow can hurt way more than a hard iron spike!!!!!


His emotions he does not share,

To them it seems like he does not simply care,

Yet standing beside a friend whose in need,

Or lending them his prized car for an unknown deed..

His energy has no limits just like his car that flies at an “unnatural speed”!!!


His mind you just cannot read,

Beyond the four walls he is as different as chalk and cheese,

You seldom think someone like him you can please!!

Till you realise,

He cares not about anything that does not please,

To you his true emotions he may never release,

No matter how true a friend you may be,

You can seldom penetrate those walls in his mind,

Which have separated themselves in the world’s grind..

He and his peg of whisky do unwind,

Never to any friend he will bind,

He’s definitely a rare catch or find,

If at all you get a glimpse of that intelligent mind..

That is neatly tucked into his own world and confined,

Which fails all versions of the word ” defined”!!!


He chooses not to belong,

Yet you know he does not need anyone to walk along,

He defines depths of courage unknown..

Is ever forlorn,

Ripped by fears and alone??

No, because he has trained his mind to live alone…


Normal stench of death does not affect him,

The fresh blood on the road ceases to scare him….


Who is he you wonder,

Someone who chooses to accept pain,

Someone who chooses to defy norms and accept their chains,

Yet someone who relaxes when they are hurt all over,

Using their physical pain like a cover..

You never know any trace till his fight is over….

Even with pain he will not give in or lower,

His standards or trace of power…


After all so many more fights to be fought,

Those lessons he learnt and the ones he taught,

His friendship cannot be forced or wrought

His trust cannot be got,

He thinks other than fighters the world is full of meaningless rot!!

Through his belt he knows what can be got,

Priceless it can never be bought,

Untill those battles are fought!!!!!


Call him like a friend and he will answer your call,

Till you face him as an opponent in the hall,

His mind forming that invisible wall,

You know your friendship can never stall….

It is an invisible wall,

That stands over every meaningless thing called emotional, true and tall…

As long as he is in that hall!!!

He will not take lightly any fall,

Every strike or kick can be unseen but you know “it’s his call”

Of how he wants his opponent to fall……


Wrapped in mystery,

He will sure create history,

Only if ever, I may be privileged to write his story…

Till then you can only imagine his sheer strength and unleashed fury!!!

A fighter cannot reveal,

Only eventually does conceal,

His encounters with pain, with unceasing valour and zeal,

To him it is no big deal!!!

He chooses not to feel,

But rather to veil and conceal,

every ounce of physical pain that seems to us like a “great deal”…………



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