The kiss

The intensity differed,

Yet it was him who she preferred..

Was she harmless and less empowered??

Or unknowingly led by him to uncharted territories which by him could be uncovered??


Against her mind’s wish,

She gave in to him in a swish…

Taking a huge uncalculated risk,

She knew he would be brisk…..

What was it that would mix???

Into that seemingly fatal kiss,

Was it worth a miss??

Or would it fulfill that deep,dark wish???


Sometimes so slow,

It lingered on, till she realised the car headlight’s glow,

On her fell and threatened to separate her hidden ego!!!


Sometimes it felt like fire,

Stirring beneath her soul depths of dark desire….

Would she to the world remain a liar??

As long as she was in the kiss giver’s grip,she knew she could fly higher,

All for a taste of that raw,infinite power,

That lay beneath his physical layer…..


Sometimes it felt like a mystery,

Unknowingly rich and separated her destiny,

Leading her to mutiny,

Only so she could taste it’s without the world’s scrutiny!!!!!


The kiss was fatal,

She knew it was vital,

For her it took effort to fight it with nothing but brutal,

Leash of force that threatened to swallow and remained lethal…


The kiss was soft,

Like the wind gushing on a warm spring day,

Like the rain gently falling and never seeming to stop…

But would it lead her to pay??

For every bit that was shorter than a day…

Or would it lead the way,

In a valley of unknown desire,if only she said yes, it may..

Indeed become a journey into something undefined or a way….

But would she be ready to stray??????


The kiss was intense,

Seeking her out with his gaze,uniting the distance,

Yet it brought no one closer,

Someone might be the unknown,unseen loser,

After all she had given in to his power!!!


The kiss was her choice,

Did she have any other special vice??

Why didn’t she follow common sense and advice,

And fell for it not once,but twice!!!

It was like a dangerous game of dice,

Where one had to pay a ransom or unknown price!!!!


The kiss changed it all,

Yet nothing seemed to stall,

Nor did they fall,


The kisser was hungry,

The receiver was angry,

Yet through them flew unseen energy..

That seemed to devour everything in it’s path of fury,

They had not much time left to be sorry,

After all the last kiss was done in a hurry!!!


The kiss seemed to be sure,

It was definitely for her not premeditated, yet innocent and pure,

After all she had fallen into his lure,

Even if she was never sure!!!!!


The kiss would end,

And then they could pretend,

While unseeingly it brought life to a bend,

Would it his soul mend??

Or an unknown twist it would send????


Was it just a kiss??

Or a deep unfulfilled wish…

That I leave you to think,

What happened to souls with chemistry on the edge & brink???


Or would it lead one to sink??

After all you have to think!!!!!



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