The phone

The phone lay still,

Wondering who would pick it till,

She left the car in a hurry,

Not stopping in the rain to worry..

He looked at her retreating figure..

And wondered if only they had another hour!!


To whom would she return,

An angel in disguise or was it a trick or pattern??


He would wonder at her audacity,

To make up stories with infinite capacity…


She ran in the rain,

Carelessly leaving behind a trail in vain….

She was so arrogant at times,

It infuriated him to see how she called him names and labelled his crimes….

Was she immune to signs??

Or bound by his undefined lines…


The phone lay in the cold,

Wondering if she realised her deed, or would it be untold..

Who would find it in the car’s fold,

Unless it rang loudly or rolled!!!


It linked their worlds with messages,calls and mails,

Yet that night everything seemed to be quiet unlike loud hails…


It connected two people,

Whose worlds seemed apart,aloof and unknown..

Untill they picked up “their black phone”!!!



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