A warm cup of coffee,

Or a loving touch of a four legged furry dog,

A gentle splash of raindrops,

A walk with your best friend,


Looking at the moon from your terrace or balcony,

Laughing loudly at something funny,

Hugging a tiny little bunny…..


Eating a steaming bowl of noodles,

Gazing out at the riverfront,

Life helps you bear the brunt….


Waking up to a houseful of sunshine,

Looking at things and feeling blissful and divine,

A tiny baby’s warm smile that is so pristine,

All the world’s way of giving you a sign,

Just when your low, in the blue, it’s way of saying everything will be fine!!!!

So look up and smile, not pout and whine…

Get out of that confine,

Give up trying to conform to a line…..


Comfort is not in the big things that money can buy,

It’s in the little things that one should not try,

After all it’s that comfort,

Which reassures you and gives you unending waves of hope….

When you think your walking on a tightrope!!!!!

It gives you the ounce of energy that will help you cope……


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