Deception is so easy,

makes you feel queasy…

At times sleasy..

But you never know untill you part the veil,

And face deception which ends your tale….


When someone close deceives you,

It hurts you and you wonder why?

Your brain is whizzing with a zillion questions of how it is all a big lie!!!!


When someone you call a friend deceives you,

It makes you wonder if trust ever existed at all or was it a ploy of some sort to fool you??

When someone tells you a story,

You believe thinking it will not be gory,

Untill you realise it’s been a pack of lies stringing you along all the way because of their own ego and glory!!!


When someone you call dear,

Makes you fall and relive your worst fear,

All you can hope and wonder is you will never tear,

And have the strength to carry on and bear,

Untill your mind emotionally blocks that someone near

and no longer will their actions affect you anywhere…..


Hollow empty words,

That can rip apart two worlds,

Untill they are unfurled,

Or let loose to be curled……


You do not know how painful it is to be deceived,

To be treated like dust untill you have received,

All it leaves you is feeling grieved……


The web of lies,

Makes you wonder whether it was worth the fake tries,

Why were you led on to that pack of lies,

Was it because you were naive and never asked a series of whys???


Something you did knowing that it was a lie,

Should be buried in the depths of the earth,so do not try,

To judge your actions based on someone’s lie,

After all you were a victim of that same guy!!!!




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