She walks the earth at her pace,

Yet something has her trapped,

She can’t escape it’s web,

Will she flow out while it’s at its ebb….


She was to him a friend,

She knew he was trouble at every bend,

But for a while she was led to pretend,

It would be  fairyland in the end….


Her innocence was her virtue,

Except it led her to walk astray and rue….

To none could she share her despair,

Except wonder why she was a target of his enchantment,

What was it that had her in his snare and enticement???


He had laid the perfect trap,

So that she could not even understand where lay it’s flap,

after all she would not ever lay a hand on him or slap,

It was a well thought out,premeditated map,

Leaving her without any gap,

He deserved a round of applause,

For fooling someone as intelligent as her with a trap!!!!!


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