There’s something which words can’t always explain,

There are some reasons that to the world remains insane,

Yet the heart and head pursue it without any disdain,

Wondering what was it that drew them to it’s untrod lane…..

No one can understand the mystery of a soul in pain,

I wonder aloud why keeping trying in vain!!!


It is tiring to understand,

That which is not sought by the rest or a regular well known brand..

They seem to slip through our fingers like grains of sand,

And draw us into that unknown land!!!


On the outside I may seem like a firebrand,

But I know what stirs my soul like a magic wand,

That which is undefined ,

In no zone confined,

Nor can it to me in anyway seen worldly way bind!!!


I choose to walk on fire,

Not knowing it is that which is probably a fatal desire,

In it I may perish or seer,

Yet I choose to walk through that consuming fire,

After all I have that defiance around me , all in the air!!!


Definitions are for the ordinary,

Those who walk on chosen set paths that remain the same,

I live life and never try to figure out which game,

Life to me is never tame,

I get hurt,wounded and maim,

But know that I did something different than the same!!!!!


The pain caused hurts me all the same,

Sometimes I get trapped in life’s so called game,


Yet it leads me on to paths never explored,

And sometimes above the blue skies I v soared….

Never for a second getting bored…..

Untill I realised it was the undefined that “roared”…..


The bends in the road never seemed to end,

Do I walk on or stop to pretend????

What is the world’s new trend??

To give and take everything in a dividend!!!!

To loose one’s true friend,

I know I cannot but lend,

Not daring to go on in sheer mock pretence,

I won’t loose my sense of balance….


The undefined,

Attracts me like an unknown destination,

Whose land I have no clue of nor the time to make another decision,

In whose territory I walk without any assumption,

After all it is not just me, but my confusion,

Which lets it take advantage of my position…

Defying all knots of tradition…

I walk on a thin line which from the world is a total “partition”!!!!!!!



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