The walk of love!!!!

He walked on,

Leaving her behind,

She tried to follow,

Realised the doors were closed,not to his mind, but heart,

She despaired, cried aloud yet stayed ripped apart….


He never looked back,

She knew he would not loose track,

But he would have to win her back???


She knew he was heartless,

She knew he was fearless,

Yet some part of him seemed to be careless….


The road seemed to be not trodden upon,

How would she find the footsteps that led her on,

Or would she be lost forever alone??

She wondered as her heart lay torn…

She had not a single moment to waste or mourn..


The path seemed to hardly be visible,

Making it seem to her to be a task so impossible….

Others warned her not to set on a journey so unfeasible!!!!!

She walked on braving the “stormy wind”,

That seemed to make her fall way behind…….


She wanted to weep loudly and hide,

Till he drew her to his side….

And told her in his soothing way that all would be set right,

Just wait till it departs from high tide..

She stopped to realise, she had found him by her side…


Till she understood it was not meant to be..

So she decided to once for all set him free,


She left that path,

Walked on ahead alone in the dark night,

Her heart heavy with sorrow , so tight…

Till the sky broke into daylight!!!!


She walked on,

not stopping to gaze at the beauty,all forlorn….

It was a choice,

That left her void,

Yet she chose to accept ,

That  cup which was full of poison,

Leaving no room for treason…

She never gave him another reason….

And lay cloaked in red, till morning glory tore her body to a shred….

Only he knew she was dead…

After all it was on his love’s so called bed!!!


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