Does life give you a second chance??

Or let you wake up from a trance..

While everything rushes by you like a flash,

Sometimes some fights feel like they were worth nothing but trash,

When you were hot-headed and rash….

Feeling the brunt of it’s unseen whiplash,


Everyone you have known ,

Suddenly seems to be so unknown,

You can choose to look and frown,

Or in it’s never-ending misery drown…

The glittering crown,

That has an unbidden price to pay like the Louis Vuitton gown!!!

Yet you choose to buy another,feeling hollow right down…


He never turned,

Your stomach with anticipation churned,

It was something that was more than a lesson which you learned..


The rebound,

On it’s long course seemed never nice to have refound,

You were chasing that magical black hound!!!


A lot of things started to slowly unwind,

While you looked back, in dismay trying to find..

You knew it was a matter to destiny to bind..

Something that was impossible to mankind…


Then you looked ahead,

Saw the rainbow when least expecting it,

Bit by bit,

You found your long lost grit,

Your pace, your strike, the smiling lives whose presence by you was “lit”…..

The puzzle finally fit…

But not till you did your little bit!!!!



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