She loved him,

She knew he would not walk on with her,

So she set him free,

To fly above her in the clear,blue sky…

She never asked him why??


She let him soar,

He became someone else’s lover,

Seeking her friendship as a cover,

He seemed to have fallen a bit lower,

In that wet monsoon shower,

She realised he was not worth her,

His life seemed so two faced and happiness seemed to be lesser..


Childhood friends do not often become sweethearts,

His definition of life was all about a  random treat,

He always missed her in his thoughts and their chemistry in every heartbeat!!!


The red cycle which he rode,

The dog that chased her in his garden ….

The tiny blue dress and scraped knee,

She realised he was not the little boy she once knew,

The man he had grown up to be seemed to someone anew,

Parts of him fake, yet she saw him to be true,

Gave him her heart…

He proposed  and then she realised she had fallen in love with his reflection,

He would never win her affection,

She sought in everything so much perfection..

She realised that the marriage would be a one sided contribution…


She said no to his proposal,

He kept waiting disbelieving her refusal….

Knowing she could change her mind, it was nothing unusual…


She said no and he got married to someone else,

She never looked back at him despite being broken within..

She never let him realise she missed him,

His friendship and their chit chats,

His music sense and playlist..

She let him build his world apart from her and stayed trapped in a mist…

That was their childhood love story in a gist…


Till he realised her love had set him free,

She never wanted him but to be happy ,

Changed her destiny and turned away from him…


He called one day,

Remembering how she understood him and had her say,

If only he could turn back time,he could lead to her in his own way….


He lived in his world,

She lived in her own zone unfurled….

Truth at him someday would be hurled!!!!




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