Twenty five

Life at twenty five seems so different, I had all these starry images in my mind , when I was a teenager of my perfect career and life later on. I had no clue that perfect would be a word that would be impossible to define and standards that were too high to be set. 

At five life was totally different, it was all about ballet classes, swimming,drives,trips,Rainbow classes and of course my wonderful school in Scotland which was the center of my life. Cycling with my friends in the lanes of Kilmarnock, waking up to rows of yellow daffodils, trips to museums and London. Weekends were spent with Alison and her brothers in the woods, tripping over streams,climbing trees,painting and making all sorts of art and craft work. The hills seemed so green and the parties at the common area during weekends. My mom is a fantastic cook and she could whip up the best cakes,fried rice,chicken curry,sandwiches and all sorts of finger food with drinks. I of course was too little to understand the world of Scotch and whisky, I was given my share of cold-drinks and more than happy to sip it and play with the kids and run around the halls.Those days seemed to fly by.


I will move on to 15, i had just finished my school and was all set for Junior College, it seemed so exciting to be able to choose clothes..I made the best of friends that I still have with me after a decade.We skype,we connect via mails and social media and still crack the stupidest jokes and laugh about them, eat huge amounts of pav-bhaji,pani-puri and drink coffee when we meet, which is a rare occasion considering we are in different time zones..I never realised how time flies till one of the three is on her way to the altar and getting married, she was the most childlike,innocent and jumpy creature on earth and at times plain annoying, but today she’s on her way to the most beautiful journey in one’s lifetime and I am going to make sure I am with her in her special moments…She called and sounded so cute on the phone, that it would be plain rude to ignore her wedding.

I have missed probably more than 10 weddings of people who mattered, but this one is so not worth missing. 


Life at twenty five is so confusing,

It’s not even remotely amusing..

To stand and look at a mirror,

Wonder if I am growing up gracefully,

At times I have to be ladylike,

And though it’ nice, it takes a lot of etiquette and effort..

Life at twenty five,

Seems at times to be lonely,

At times brimming with spice..

So much to do, yet such little time..

Sometimes you feel your rushing by…


Life gives you a whole bunch of clues,

It’s upto you to figure out the cues….

While your friends are taking their wedding vows,

You realise it’s about time you took a decision, while they tied their dressy bows!!!

Coffees seem to be rare,

Everyone in the race for money gives you that close stare..

Your heart feels so empty and bare,

You feel stripped of emotions at society’s fake glare!!!

You have to act on and pretend you do not care,

No one even has to the time to ask how you do fare….

It’s all about “which brand” you wear,

Or where you’v done up your “hair”….


The world of Prada,Gucci,Guess,Zara seem to beckon you,

The credit card bills make you wake up to reality,which at your age is faced by few…

Nothing about you seems to be new…


Every relationship is a gamble,

Where you win or loose,

Sometimes the stakes are worth more, than you have time to choose..

You feel like screaming and do blow your fuse,

While you realise it is upto you to refuse….

To stay in a state or confuse….


It is tough to stay on your own,

To make choices that seem to be tearing you within,

So you get down from your dreams and throne,

And decide to face it all , even though it’s virtually unknown……


I want to travel to places like Russia,Iceland,Greenland- see the Northern lights, visit Denmark and Copenhagen and Austria and Germany, France,Italy,Spain,England,Scotland,Ireland,Turkey,China,Japan,South America,Canada and islands… Basically this whole concept of wanderlust has stricken me but I have no clue how to actually get to all these places..

In India independent girls get labelled,get tagged and eventually have to get married or settle down, whereas the guys can have a bachelor party sort of thing all their adult lives and no one will bat an eyelid!!This is something I will blogging in a separate space!!!


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