Did he care??

He says he does not care,

He says he never does ever truly share..

To whom will be lay it all bare??

His heart does not seem to be “fair”…………

He does not believe in the word called “pair”…..

To her he shows his gentle side,

That which was buried beneath the high tide…

He drops her home after every ride,

Yet he says he does not care with such great pride,

It is indeed hard to decide,

After all she may not be forever by his “side”…….

Her tears kept rolling down her cheeks,

He knew not what to do or say to her ,

He had never seen her baring her soul to him,

It was a new feeling he could only earlier imagine….

He knew not what to feel,

After all it was not a cold-blooded,mechanical business “deal”,

Which in any cost he had to seal!!!!!

To none but her he would ever reveal….

True at heart he stayed aloof,

Fearing none but the emergence of his emotional self under her roof…..

He knew she would have no proof,

Whether he stayed or not beneath that roof,

Their worlds were separate,guarded,silently grey and aloof………..

His heart seemed non-existent,

Or was it a facade,

He seemed to have lost himself in the crowd,

Why was he so emotionless she wondered …

Why was she so arrogant he pondered…

Their stories seem interlaced with pain,

Yet from each other they had so much to gain,

Could they loose companionship in vain??

Or choose to walk down life’s narrow,off beat lane???

 Or would they cause each other a lot more pain???????


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