She seemed so ordinary by day,

Sometimes they wondered if at all the rumours that floated around were true??

Was she lost, or had she run away,

Each to their own twist of destiny or fate as they “say”….

After all she seemed innocent prey….


She walked amidst those narrow stinking lanes,

That seemed to laugh at her internal dismay and pains….

Those lanes had stripped her of dignity,

Those men at her uttered every thinkable profanity…

She to some of her gender seemed to wrapped in vanity!!!

If they only knew her turmoil, it would drive them to insanity……..


She stood at the corner,

Waiting for another customer,

Could it get any more different, no, because she was a “performer”……

The anguish ripped her apart,

The lines she crossed at night seemed to eat up her human heart…

Those men thought she was as ripe as an apple or cherry tart,

They chose not to care, all they wanted was to start,

What she had chosen she could not walk out of without playing her part!!!!


To none would she ever be a wife or a better half,

No one would call her mommy when they came back from school or to share a tiny laugh..

Her life they thought was a successful uphill graph…..

Only she knew the price she paid,

To get stripped of her soul every night , while she got “laid”,

The Bed was always fresh and neatly made,

Only the heaviness in her soul seem to be proportionally outweighed!!!


As she wore her heels that night,

She thought to herself she looked a fairly pretty sight,

With long dark tresses spilling over her thin bony shoulders,

She could cause a man to do anything for her besides smoulder…

To women she would evoke gasps or shudder,

The boat in her life had no anchor or rudder,

To them she was just one or ” the other”,

Never did anyone call her “mother”……


She looked with envy at the wives in the club,

Standing with their husbands in tow, beside the greenery and shrub,

Maybe waiting to go home and get a rub,

Only ” she” knew she had to get out and visit another pub!!!


Who was she wondered her neighbours??

If only they knew her well-kept secret wrapped underneath layers or covers,

Would they accept her at the Housing Society Meetings??

Or wait to strip her of every possible and worthy set of greetings…

From her some of them would hide their husbands,despite the daily bruises and beating,

And give her a look so disgracefully demeaning and fleeting…….


She parked her fancy silver car in the basement,

She did not hear his footsteps leading to her,

She was startled when he showed her those photographs,

She knew it was more than just mere autographs…

He struck her with full force,

Only she did not respond to his body or kiss’s real source,

She was full of pain and remorse,

After all she had walked out of the marriage leaving him no other course,

Leaving aside those tables,that pre-set forty course menu,

She had chosen to start her life anew,

Without him,his money she would make it “big”,

And that’s how she landed up becoming an escort…

She was pretty, yet never of that sort……

After all it was a profession to her,

A game where she won higher stakes with every move she made,

She laughed at his expense, while those countless “men in suits” paid…..

Every moment was worth it “they said”,

And came back every night to her ” to get laid”………………


That face seemed full of arrogance ,

Leaving him with no prudence,

He had only offered his heart with hopes, more than in Providence,

But all that to her seemed to be another losing game which was in the past tense,

She was full of deceit and pretence,

He knew she would never cross that invisible fence….

She lived in a world of fake feelings and things in every conceivable sense….


She changed countries,

But not her city,

She remained trapped and to others witty,

They knew not she had signed hell’s furious treaty,

That would separate her from others in that city…..

She was to some an object of beauty,

While to some she was the end for which they had the means,

Their repressed manhood in her blossomed making her heartless and dirty,

Every night she wondered how did she get caught in an never ending maze,

Where her life flowed by her like a haze,

She seemed lost,confused and in a daze,

It was more than just a passing phase,

Which had a terrible future without any solid base…..


She could have at twenty made a choice,

To love him and respond to his voice,

But she walked away in disdain,

Leading her soul into a life of pain,

She was only a mortal remain,

Of a woman that walked in a narrow lane,

And was another guileless man’s end or gain,

Never would she be truly sane,

It was her choice, a voice whispered, yet again!!!!!!




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