Fatal attraction..part 1

They met,

But fate tore them apart,

Destiny led them walking down life’s pre-decided path…

To him she would remain true,

But could he wait without a clue,

Would he be one of the few,

Who only to her would be true??


Chance it seems,

Or else their paths would have never crossed even in their wildest dreams……..

Through fading light and sunbeams,

Shadows fell over them in small gleams,

Only they knew their love was not contained in the world’s realms…..


She stood arrogantly tall,

He stood gazing at her figure with a lot of “gall”…..

She would never ask him ,

She would never even acknowledge “his presence” beyond the usual two greetings she used….

He neither had the interest nor the desire to know her, so he stepped down looking at her,quite bemused…

She looked away untill  she couldn’t, standing all alone in a corner,so confused,

The ones playing Cupid above seemed to be quite “amused”…

At the arena below,

They knew two worthy opponents had met,but would they receive a blow??

Or would it fade, their love like the tide which was slow,

Whose heart would give it a “go”?

Will they have a lover’s tiff or row?

Or would love between them never grow??


It seemed a match made in heaven,

Sealed on earth with a deal that was proven….

Her burdens he always seemed to lessen,

To him she could ask all, to him she could lay forward a tricky question!!!

Their love was beyond all things ordinary and yet to the onlooker seemed a slow paced notion…


She read his every unsaid thought,

Sensed his moods and felt his pain which to no one else he every brought,

Blows that life had dealt him seemed to pale when she lay in his arms and he never sought,

Her soul connected with his spirit and there was a web of magic all around,was it fate’s cruel plot,

She never really got,

All she wanted was him for hers to cherish and value,but he could not…


Then came a huge storm,Thunder struck her,

He fell in the storm trying to find her and everything became a blur……



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