It was an unbelievable meeting,

He offered to drop her with a casual greeting,

Lights that seemed to be fleeting,

Time always seemed to be retreating……

She refused but could not be rude and gave in to his persistence…

She watched the traffic lights flying by,

Wishing that the drive never ended without a deep,low throated sigh…

He had to wish her adieu or goodbye,


To her questions,

He had no answers, who was she to refuse his hand of friendship,

Life would send them falling till she chose not to trip…


Who was he she often wondered,

Her trusting him seemed the simplest thing to do,


That drive remained a memory,

Seeping into their lives, binding the very start of a beautiful story,

She was not a queen or a fairy,

Nor was he a prince or weary,

Tirelessly he drove through the city roads,

Not all destinations seemed to hold forth, like the huge bill-boards….


She was not like the others,

To him she would ask no favours…


How the friendship started is indeed a mystery,

That would go down probably in their lives as history..

She trusted him without knowing his past,

Trust was blind,in friendship like theirs, indeed “a first”,

She did not want to get entangled in a web,but found herself linked to him like sudden,unexpected “cloudburst”……

It could have been much more worst,

Had she not given into blind trust…


When she knew he was not hers to love,

Not hers to care for ,she had to decide and make a move,

Get out of his life with a hard,heavy shove…

After all she ironically did not always believe in love,

When she slipped , she had no clue,

Yet to him she had remained true,

As long as he met her,she thought of no other,

But her destiny ripped them apart,

She had to choose to walk away ,afar and on high alert..

He aroused her beyond any other and emotions which lay buried seem to emerge from her heart..

She knew he was heartless,cold and careless to human feelings,yet she threw a dart,

Finally she decided she had to part…

It would not be like her not to be heart “smart”…..

He had upset everything in her like a tumbled apple cart!!!!


In life she played so many a game,

With men she chose to break and some to tame,

Some were not worth the effort and so lame,

Yet none had caused her hurt and maim,

With him everything was undefined and not quite the same….

This was not just another of those games,

She knew winning was not a choice,

Loosing was not an option but she lost her voice,

To him she knew nothing would matter ever,

She would be a faceless,nameless gold coin in a king’s treasure,

He never would value her in true measure,

Every move he would repent in leisure,

Or would he cause her endless pain forever…

After all some love stories end in departure……………..


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