The find – Part 2

Alka was racing to work that morning, she arrived on the sets to see Bikram’s loud voice booming and his cocky attitude seemingly larger than life. He seemed to not notice her presence at all,Alka was fuming within for her dumbness and late reporting to set, would he walk away with all the acclaim after her months of hard back breaking work…Bikram was dressed in his trademark white shirt and blue jeans with sneakers and a walking talking tornado,he was spinning all around and all over the place. Everyone seemed to respect and love him at the same time, yet Alka was the only one whose heart seemed to burst with hate as soon as he was near or at the mere mention of his name….The songs in the background gave her a headache and she craved for her cup of morning coffee and realised someone was standing very close to her, who else could it be, other than Mr Annoying ?Bikram seemed to be unfazed by her position or status at the agency or track record, all he seemed to want is to compete with her and bring out the worst of her moods, the ones she buried deep within after years of yoga and meditation.. Gosh he was so annoying and today even more, he stood with the cup of coffee, she did not realise and was in her own world untill she heard his sigh of disgust, she had accidentally pushed him and the coffee spilt all over his white shirt…. Enter Miss Drama Queen, Bikram’s on and off girlfriend- Mallika who was 5 feet 9 inches tall and looked nothing short of a supermodel with perfect assets and milk and peaches complexion and eyes that would make a guy drool and melt…Now Alka waited with bated breath for the drama, sure enough, Mallika canoodled Bikram and was like ” Oh Baby, Baby, your Tommy shirt, don’t worry I will ask daddy to send more from the factory.”Her nail paint seemed to look even more red and Bikram kissed her cheeks casually ,not responding to her comments and fussing, he even more casually took the shirt out and revealed his toned body and called Alka, Alka was waiting for him to yell at her, instead he handed his shirt over and asked her to add it up with the model’s charges and get it replaced…..Alka looked at him with sheer disgust and disdain while he smirked and Mallika fussed around him… Without even looking back at her, he walked off after the shoot was over… Gosh how could someone be so hot and arrogant at the same time was all that went on in Alka’s mind….

Thank goodness she was back in her creative space , where she could think at ease , untill Aditi’s picture flashed on her phone..Aditi had called to remind her that it was her mom’s birthday and they were planning to go to Juhu for dinner at 8 pm later…Alka listened to Aditi and felt happy for her, Akash was a good husband and atleast someone was happy in their family…Alka wondered why Rohit hadn’t called all morning and what he was upto, it was almost past lunch time when she decided to call him, she realised she had a meeting on his side of town and would take him out to coffee unexpectedly….She stepped out feeling happy with the work she had done that morning and realised life was as simple as you wanted it to be..Untill she saw mummy ji’s message….

Rohit’s office was on the twentieth floor and Alka waited for the elevator while humming a tune to herself. She almost lost her balance on those 3 inches of heels she had worn for her date that evening with Rohit, who else was in the lift- Bikram .. He looked at her undaunted and laughed, that irked her even more..She was glad he did not ask her anything and shocked that he got off at the same floor. She went to Rohit’s cabin after signing in at the security desk and got a rude shock..Roshni was laughing and giggling as usual while there seemed to be a sort of buffet on Rohit’s table. Rohit looked up as Alka entered and quickly said that Roshni has surprised him at lunch that day, Alka did not wait to listen to the rest, she raced down the hall and got on the elevator and rushed out of the building..She did not realise for the second time she collided into Bikram , it was pouring,but Alka did not care, every fear about Rohit seemed to be true………


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